Hi, I’m Kerry Shellborn

I’m a designer and fan of all things media. I’m based in Cranbrook, B.C., a small town in the Rocky Mountains, and I love a good story.

Here’s my story:

I started designing logos, ads and branding campaigns for small business before there was an Internet (yes, that time did exist). I've worked as creative director and assigning editor for Koocanusa Publications, a media company, for the past 20 years. We create content for passionate audiences like snowmobilersRVers, and small business owners. During that time I’ve overseen thousands of articles and brand messages and—being intensely curious—I’ve studied what worked and what didn’t.

This is an exciting time for small business because everyone is now a publisher and marketer. For example, do you own a website? Then you are a publisher. Do you engage on social media? Then you are a marketer.

But it can also be a confusing time. One thing I hear from business owners is that they are overwhelmed by trying to keep up with new marketing trends and technology.

My goal with Branding Geek is to help small business owners and marketers keep up with trends in a meaningful way. With each blog post I hope to provide practical tips that you can easily apply to enhance your marketing efforts, today.

Although the ways to reach your customers have become almost endless, what hasn’t changed is how to communicate.

Here’s a simple yet timeless formula:

  • The right message (your story) delivered to the right audience (your customers) at the right time will bring results (leads, sales, customers, fans).

What’s your story?

What is your biggest marketing challenge right now?

Are you redesigning your website? Are you considering a new brand identity? Are you wondering why your website doesn’t appear on the first page of a google search? Are you wondering how to reach out on social media? Most importantly, do you think your story is under-told?

If you would like a second opinion or someone to bounce ideas off, feel free to send me your challenge. Don’t worry, I’m not trying to sell you something. Rather, I’m looking for real-life examples to share on my blog.

What is your biggest marketing success story? Are you proud of your new brand identity, logo or website launch? I would love to take a look and share your story with a new audience.

Submit your story by using my Branding Geek contact form.

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